Students' ripple tank

  • Economical and compact
  • Waves visible in full daylight
  • Stroboscope and wave generator included
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Data sheet Students' ripple tank


- the formation of plane and circular waves,
- interference,
- refraction or reflection of a wave,
- the focus of a divergent and convergent lens

To display the different figures optimally and even in full daylight, the LED lighting can be adjusted:
- in the continuous position,
- in stroboscope mode, synchronised on the signal (fixed image),
- in de-synchronised stroboscope mode, adjustable by potentiometer (impression of slowdown).


-  1 ripple tank:
 External dimensions approximately (L x W x H in cm): 21 x 14 x 13.
 Cover: translucent and serving as a display screen.
 Wave generator: on/off position + frequency-adjustment potentiometer.
 Lighting: LED; continuous/synchronised/free position with frequency adjustment potentiometer.
-  1 water tank: transparent box with lid.
-  1 set of 3 removable exciters: fl at waves, circular waves,
double circular waves.
-  1 set of accessories: for studying diffraction, reflection and refraction.
-  1 mains adapter.