Submersible speed of sound model- non connected

  • Ultrasonic wave for a non-noisy sequence
  • Simplified mounting and autonomy of the student
  • Direct display of the time of flight of the ultrasonic wave
  • Variable distance between transmitter and receiver
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Data sheet Submersible speed of sound model- non connected


This complete model allows the study of the speed of ultrasonic wave propagation in various liquids (water or oils)

The screen situated at the front of the box allows the measurement, for each selected dstance on the model, the travel time of the ultrasonice wave.

Easy to handle, the dimensions of the tank is compatible with the requirements in classrooms.

The holders for the transmitter and receiver can be moved easily along the tank and the reading of the positions is really simple and accurate (in mm step)

A connected version allows to upload the travel time on 4 tablets simultaneously. The provided application allows to show the different times vs distance.


Speed of sound model: non connected version
Hermetic tank equipped with a ruler
Power supply
Type of product Sons et ultrasons, Physique-Chimie

Other Specifications

Ultrasonic waves
Lenght of the tank : 55 cm
The speed of sound is well known in air but a little less so in liquids.
Did you know that the speed of sound in a liquid varies with its composition?
For example, olive oil and rapeseed oil do not give the same propagation rates.

Another example, the purity of an oil can be evaluated by the speed of propagation of a sound wave.