Thermal imager for education

  • This camera has the same technical features as a conventional thermal camera in which didactic tools have been brought: the powerful software developed by Jeulin specifically fits education expectations.
  • Thus, the student discovers step by step the principle of creating an infrared thermal image.
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Data sheet Thermal imager for education


Understand how an infrared picture is built from the raw picture to the colored final picture
Theme: human histology Thermal radiation

Other Specifications

Metal housing
Sensor dimensions: 80 x 80 pixels
Spectral response: 8 - 14 μm
Refresh frequency10 Hz
Sensitivity: 1 ° C
Accuracy:2 ° C (depends on calibration accuracy)
Measurable temperature range: 5 ° C to 70 ° C
Minimum focusing distance: 20 cm
Video capture: 30 minutes
Export of data into Excel format
Software Supplied
Infra-Red Thermometer supplied for calibration
System requirements:
-Windows 7 and later
-USB 2 (cable supplied)
-Video card 800 x 600 minimum

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