Transformer coil 1300 turns-70 mH

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Data sheet Transformer coil 1300 turns-70 mH


Very weak resistance coil to improve free
oscillations in a RLC circuit. Each coil has a mid-point enabling you to change
the number of turns and to obtain 3 inductance values.



Inductance: 70
Number of turns: 1300.
Resistance: 2,2 Ω.
Coil taps (No of
turns): 600 - 700.
Max. voltage: 24 V.
intensity: 600 mA.
Connection on 4 mm safety sockets.

Total dimensions: 110 x 80 x 65 mm.
Resistor 2.2 Ω
Type of product Coils / solenoids
Theme: human histology Magnetic field
Tension maxi 24 V

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