Universal electrode holder

  • Suitable for many practicalsPerfect electrical contactCorrosion-resistant2 carbon electrodes supplied
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Data sheet Universal electrode holder


This universal holder ensures the holding of electrode, the electrical
connection and guarantees a perfect stability of assembly.You can use
it:- with the beaker directly put down on it, its shape is compatible with
differents formats of beakers (100, 250 and 400 mL),- fixed on an holder
(rod Ø 12 to 16 mm).
Practical themes Electrochemistry & ions

Other Specifications

Specifications:Body made of chemically-resistant
polypropylene containing:- 2 housings for electrodes Ø 6 mm with
fastening screw assembled on banana socket Ø 4 mm ensuring the electric contact
with the circuit,- 2 clip housings for electrodes and probes Ø 12 mm,-
Fixation system with fastening screw for 12 to 16 mm stand,- Location for
Mohr burette tip.Supplied with 2 graphite electrodes Ø 6 mm and
instructions manual.