UV dosimeter plate

  • Colored reversible UV indicator Easy to use Durable
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Data sheet UV dosimeter plate


These plates respond to the ultraviolet radiationby taking a pink color which intensity is proportional to the amount of UV radiation received. They are real petri dishes support. In the absence of exposure, the material returns to its original color, a pinkish white tone. This reversible reaction makes them indestructible. Their sensitivity allows to highlight both the UV radiation emitted by the sun and those emitted by artificial lightings.Economical, they will accompany you in many applications. They are supplied in packs of two.
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Other Specifications

Plaque polypropylène UV
Dimension 140 x 105 mm, avec empreinte de maintien pour 2 boîtes de 55 mm de diamètre ou 1 boîte de 90 mm