Vertical elastic pendulum


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Data sheet Vertical elastic pendulum


With two masses and two easily-interchangeable springs, you can show the
influence of mass and k stiffness factor, on the natural period of the
oscillating system. A rigid disk can be added to the system to study the
damping in the air. The Cineris (or Generis 5 +) software, not supplied, enables
you to record and easily process all experiments.


- 1 vice grip for fixing the springs
- 2 springs of different levels of stiffness
- 2 masses + rod and colour marking: m = 150 and 200 g
- 1 dampening disc: m = 50 g
Computerization of measurements Video, Data logging
Forced oscillations Yes
Thématique Lycée Oscillations mécaniques
Type of pendulum Vertical elastic

Other Specifications


- 1 locking pliers to fix the
- 2 springs with different stiffness,
- 2 masses + rod and color
mark : m = 150 and 200 g,
- 1 disk for the damping : m = 50 g.< >< >< >< ><
Thanks to the force sensor and the vertical elastic pendulum, one can study, easily, parameters étudiez, de manière simple, les paramètres influencing the mechanic oscillator period.

Each acquisition takes 10s when choosing 5001 measures. A synchronization on rising edge with the force sensor is done to compare the periods. For each mass, a tare is realized.

One can draw the frequency as a function of the mass and, after, as a function of the inversed square of the mass. Then, the frequency can be modelized par an inverse function. Relation between frequency and mass can be established.

The influence of k can be demonstrated by change of the spring.