Vertical elastic pendulum

Simple variation of all studied parameters
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Data sheet Vertical elastic pendulum


With two masses and two easily-interchangeable springs, you can show the
influence of mass and k stiffness factor, on the natural period of the
oscillating system. A rigid disk can be added to the system to study the
damping in the air. The Cineris (or Generis 5 +) software, not supplied, enables
you to record and easily process all experiments.


- 1 vice grip for fixing the springs
- 2 springs of different levels of stiffness
- 2 masses + rod and colour marking: m = 150 and 200 g
- 1 dampening disc: m = 50 g
Computerization of measurements Data logging, Video
Forced oscillations Yes
Thématique Lycée Oscillations mécaniques
Thématique Lycée professionnel Mechanics & transport
Type of pendulum Vertical elastic

- 1 locking pliers to fix the
- 2 springs with different stiffness,
- 2 masses + rod and color
mark : m = 150 and 200 g,
- 1 disk for the damping : m = 50 g.< >< >< >< ><

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