Very Low Frequency Generator

  • Simple visualization of phenomena ssow change in voltage (period up to 100 s) Symbolization by the flashing of 2 green and red LEDs Ergonomic case with stand and power cable reel
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Data sheet Very Low Frequency Generator


This GTBF allows to easily understand the phenomenon of AC voltage and to draw its graph. Compact, safe and easily stackable, it is easy to use and convenient to store. It succeeds the mode Ref. 293 049.
Amplified output No
DDS technology No
Maximum frequency 11 kHz
Min. frequency 0.01 Hz

Other Specifications

Gamme de fréquences : 0,01 Hz (100 s) à 11 kHz en 6 calibres
Signaux : sinus, carré et triangle
Amplitude réglable : 0 à 20 Vcc
Décalage de la tension continue : 0 à ±5 V (offset)
Protection : impédance de sortie 27 Ω
Alimentation : 230 V - 50 Hz
Dimensions : 235 x 235 x 125 mm