Video Flex® 7661P

  • Connection to computer and TV without adapter Capturing footage Integrated microphone Weighted base
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Data sheet Video Flex® 7661P


Flexibility of implementation The swiveling of the mobile camera head around an axis of 180° and the flexible carrier of 650 mm allowing to place the camera in a large number of positions.The different brightness settings (contrast adjustment, switching to negative, light intensity control by manual correction keys) provide an excellent image quality.
Flexibility of useWhatever your choice of teaching sequences, you connect your camera to the PC or your TV. Delivered with adapters for use microscopy, you can also take advantage of your camera as part of preparations observation or thin sections (with a polarization kit). Thanks to the built-in sound function, you make available on the ENT videos that students can use outside the laboratory or the institution. The weighted base and the protected objective make of it a particularly robust solution, suitable for regular use in the classroom. // See also
Adaptors for microscopy Bagues d'adaptation 28 et 34,5 mm
Definition 568 kpixels
Focal length 0,6 cm à l'infini
Frame per second 30 images / seconde
Max. resolution 976 x 582
Objectives 8 mm focal length, C mount
Output connection USB 2.0, S-Video, Composite, Composite/Video Audio
Power supply Câble et alimentation 12 V
Sensitivity 0,01 lux
Sensor 1/3'' CCD
Sound Yes
Stand Flexible arm, length 650 mm on a stable stand
Type of product Microscopes, loupes et caméras
Zoom x16