Volcano model

  • Recreate a volcanic eruption in your class Realism of eruptive phenomena Easy implementation Easy cleaning
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Data sheet Volcano model


Comprehensive The model represents the section of a volcano with all these structures: -Magma chamber, -Volcanic vents (central and lateral),- dome and crater Realistic and spectacular The injection of a product within the magmatic pre-filled tank with a solution causes a reaction generating the formation of gas bubble(CO 2 ) as the cause of the magma thrust. The intensity of the eruption depends on the amount of product added via a syringe, resulting in more or less rapid evacuation of the lava by the lateral vent or both vents. Both vents are each closed with a captive rubber stopper and moved by the pressure of the magma chamber. Safe and clean The products used are not dangerous and the flow of liquid is limited to the portion of the model which wall protects the spectators positioned on either side thereof. Maintenance is quick and easy.

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Dimensions (largeur x hauteur) : 210 x 300 mm