Water bath for rotary evaporator RE 300 range

  • Stainless steel tank Precise temperature control Thermostatic shutdown in case of overheating
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Data sheet Water bath for rotary evaporator RE 300 range


Necessary for the use of rotary evaporators from the range RE300, this water bath allows heating the spinner flask by means of a water bath.The tank is made of stainless steel.The unit has a thermostat for a precise temperature control of the bath. The LED digital display gives the temperature in real timeof the bath or the set temperature. It is recommended to use demineralised water in the bath.Operating manual provided.

Other Specifications

On / off switch under tight cap, LED functional heating, thermostatic protection
Temperateure range : ambient at 95 °C.
Capacity : 3 L.
Heating power : 1 000 W.
Power supply : 230 V / 50 Hz.
Sealing : IP 32.
Compatibility : to be used with the rotary evaporator of the range RE300 (réf. 701 032 / 701 990 / 701 991 / 701 992)