Wi-Fi and USB eyepiece camera

  • Made of microscopy on tablet
  • Versatile USB and Wi-Fi eyepiece camera
  • Multi-point Wi-Fi to broadcast an image simultaneously on 6 tablets
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Data sheet Wi-Fi and USB eyepiece camera


This eyepiece camera will become the indispensable companion for your observation PWs.
With the choice of a dual USB and WiFi connectivity, it allows adapting to all devices.

You are equipped with a wireless network and tablets :

You can thus easily connect your camera to the network, and to wirelessly stream the time-lapse microscopy images directly on 1 pad. The multi-point WiFi allows streaming in real-time the image obtained under the microscope on 6 tablets simultaneously.
You are in an ideal setting to share a image or carry out a collective remediation from an image.
The eyepiece tube makes the implementation quick and efficient without adapter to adjust. Furthermore, it ensures a clear image for your students by looking for the image in the eyepiece tube.

You are equipped with traditional PCs :

With a PC, you connect your camera via a USB cable, and you use the camera with the provided software in French. The quality sensor ensures an outstanding color rendering.
Moving from operating with WiFi to USB is made via a button on the camera body.

Compatible with Jeulin digital platform, using the images is now made without limit of time and place.
Adaptors for microscopy par tube oculaire
Definition 920 kpixels
Focusing Manual
Frame per second 30 images / seconde
Max. resolution 1280 x 720
Operating system Windows, Android, iOS
Output connection USB et Wi-Fi
Power supply par bloc alim ou USB
Sensor 1/2,5" CMOS
Sound No
White balance Manual / Automatic
Zoom Non