Wimshurst machine

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  • Etincelles jusqu'à 70 mm
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Data sheet Wimshurst machine


Set of 2 plastic disks (rotation system) and Leyden
jars mounted on a base.- 2 x ø 300 mm discs, with metallic radial bars.
Induced charges on the bars are transported on the 2 charge collectors by
metallic brushes.- 2 glass Leyden jars (Ø 50 mm) which can be connected to
the charges collector, this experiment enables you to obtain higher potentials
and energies thanks to the increasing of the stored charge.V max
= 150 kV (depending on the atmospheric conditions) delivering an about
80 mm long spark.
Différence de potentiel (selon conditions atmosphériques) 80 kV
Height 400 mm
Length 345 mm
Plate size 345 x 200 mm
Width 200 mm
Étincelles 70 mm
Ø des disques (mm) 300 mm

Other Specifications

Caractéristiques techniques : Diamètre des disques : 300 mm Dimensions du plateau : 345 x 200 mm Hauteur : 400 mm Différence de potentiel (selon conditions atmosphériques) : 80 kV Etincelles : 70 mm environ Livrée avec notice.