Wimshurst machine

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Data sheet Wimshurst machine


Set of transparent plastic disks (rotation
system) and Leyden jars mounted on a base 360 x 180 mm:- 2 x ø 300 mm discs, with
metallic radial bars. Induced charges on the bars are transported on the 2
charge collectors by metallic brushes.- 2 Leyden jars which can be connected
to the charges collector.V max. # 150 kV (depending on atmospheric conditions) producing sparks up to 80 mm long.
Différence de potentiel (selon conditions atmosphériques) 150 kV
Height 400 mm
Length 360 mm
Plate size 360 x 180 mm
Width 180 mm
Étincelles 80 mm environ
Ø des disques (mm) 320 mm

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400 x 360 x 185 mm.
Mass: 3 kg.
Supplied with instructions.