Wind generator

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Data sheet Wind generator


Thanks to its transparency, a student who handles
this Product is rapidly able to have a clear idea of a wind-generator


- 1 hélice à air 4 pales Ø 60 mm,
- 1 cage en plastique transparent protégeant l'alternateur et les 3 DEL de visualisation de la production du courant.
Le tout est monté sur une tige de longueur 16,5 cm.
Prêt à assembler (hélice et tige).
Theme: human histology Electricity generation / AC and DC
Type of device Wind turbine

Other Specifications


- One
4-blade-air-propeller, Ø 60 mm
- One transparent plastic box protecting
the alternator and the 3 LEDs materializing the current production.

these parts are assembled on a ball bearing allowing the free rotation around
the 16.5 mm long rod.

Ready to be assembled (propeller and