Yeast transgenic kit: Expression of a protein of fluorescence

  • Demonstrative PW through bioluminiscence Achievable without centrifuge
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Data sheet Yeast transgenic kit: Expression of a protein of fluorescence


This kit provides a new protocol that is very simplified, allowing to perform a transfer of interspecies gene. By transgenesis, the gene encoding the fluorescent protein derived from the jellyfish bioluminescent tissues will be expressed by the yeast S. cerevisiae . A very simple transformation protocol suitable for school! Jeulin designed a protocol that does not require making the cells competent. Just resuspend fresh yeast cells from a colony, mix with the transformation solution, the plasmid DNA, wave (vortex) and incubate for 30 min at 42°C. The yeasts are then cultured to verify the efficiency of the transfer, and then the revelation of the bioluminescence gene expression is performed by illuminating the boxes with UV radiation.


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